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The mission of Royal Davi Corporation is to provide physician executive leadership in the business of medicine such as service line management and operations, medical quality management, post-graduate education, clinical documentation and integrity through an electronic health record, and clinical research.

Objectives - How we accomplish our mission:
  • To provide physician advisory to health organizations and corporations that have an integrated system, and clinical and non-clinical employees to advocate empowerment from an equitable leadership model that has the perspective of clinical practice, and the business of medicine;
  • To perform physician leadership activities as the DIO for post-graduate education programs, health systems, medical colleges, and physician group practices;
  • To “champion”, and manage quality process improvement activities required for health systems, community-based clinics, government agencies, medical colleges, post-graduate education programs;
  • To teach the core concepts of medical quality process, and share my tacit knowledge in the business strategies as well as clinical practices to support the health care delivery;
  • To sponsor as well as conduct research activities in the subject matter quality process improvement: clinical safety and effectiveness;
  • To build and monitor the relationship between clinical and non-clinical staff, community stake holders, and government regulators;
Our physician executives provide responsible leadership and advisory to health organizations, medical colleges, health professionals, and corporations who are in medical compliance with government, and other regulatory bodies.


To be recognized for being a physician executive who demonstrate responsible leadership and advisory as well as embrace change through the exchange of information from collaborative efforts, and relationship building.

Code of Ethics
  • To serve humanity and give our best effort without regard to gender, social economic status, ethnic background, religion preference, behavioral life-style, political affiliation, and disease process.
  • To show integrity to investigate quality processes and embrace change in work place culture.
  • To maintain clinical competency through a peer-reviewed credentialing process, and continued medical education.
  • To improve our service using the Royal Davy peer-reviewed quality improvement process model.
  • To make management decisions consistent with the most successful business strategies learned that are peer-reviewed, evidence-based medicine, and literature review process.
  • To serve human medicine and life science globally.


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