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Company History and Overview

The Royal Davi business is academic and clinical medicine, and health care administration. Our Company was incorporated in 2005 in Houston, Texas. Our physician executives are board certified / board qualified with over three decades of experience, and a proven-track record of achievements and accomplishments through a peer-reviewed process.

Our Physician Executives Advisory are exclusively designed for physicians to complement their clinical expertise with their leadership responsibilities in management and operations for health systems or a community-based medical practice. Our focus is to provide knowledge and resources to enhance service line administration, leadership in quality process improvement, strategic planning, clinical documentation & integrity, and clinical trials management. We use the most successful business strategies learned from evidence-base medicine, and identify philanthropic opportunities with medical colleges and institution of higher learning. Our services provide relevant and timely information, career development resources, and networking opportunities with other health care executives.

How Can Royal Davy Benefit Your Organization?

As an experienced physician executive, we share our tacit knowledge in human medicine, public health, and health administration to enhance your knowledge in key areas such as quality performance, to improve skill sets used in administrative oversight such as interdisciplinary communications and collaborations with other medical staff, and effectively lead people through institutional and departmental political process, work place culture change, and learn how to lead people who have a non-clinical background.

Our value-based provider model includes a quality performance instrument designed by Dr. Al-Naimi, and peered-reviewed by the executive and clinical leadership at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Division of Quality Process Improvement: Clinical Safety & Effectiveness, and the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston-School of Public Health. His instrument is grounded in Six Sigma methodology, LEAN principles, and Baldrige core values and concepts he learned from his formal education and certification from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Division of Quality Process Improvement.

The new health law, regulations, insurance initiatives, and current federal reforms are now aligned with value-based care, quality outcomes with financial incentives, and reimbursement. CMS and third-party insurers now factor patient severity of illness, and post-admission complications to calculate reimbursement. Therefore, a physician must ensure the clinical documentation contained in the patient medical record is accurate, detailed, and captures the business of medicine in order to receive an accurate reimbursement.

This century’s health care system and community-based medical practices needs physicians to lead population management, demonstrate knowledge in clinical and actuarial aspects of risk management as well as informatics, and “champion” cost-reduction initiatives.

Dr. Al-Naimi has the physician perspective on clinical processes impact on the bottom line of a medical business. Organizations seek physicians who can assist with health information technology (HIT) implementation, particularly electronic health record (EHR), and information systems that link patient medical record and financial data.

He has the formal education, experience, and well-developed social skills to commandeer physician-alignment and integration to help his colleagues work through both clinical and non-clinical cultural changes domestic and international.

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